Lifelong Power Pro (500 Watt) Mixer Grinder – 2023 Review, Price & Specifications

Lifelong online is one of the parts of a twenty-five-year-old diversified “Lifelong group”. This firm is dedicated to delivering high-quality products in various categories like home appliances, kitchen appliances, wellness, personal care, at an affordable price range.

Lifelong Power Pro (500 Watt) is an incredible appliance that you can find in the current market. With several promising deals and 1000+ customer reviews online, this is one of the most trusted vendors in the field of mixer grinders. Users all over the world are very happy and satisfied to use the product.

Its rich features and affordable cost make it a knock for the buck. Looking at its features, there is no doubt in saying that this amazing product has done pure justice to the superior brand Lifelong. In a short period of time, Lifelong Pro (500 Watt) mixer grinder has become a hot selling product and people can easily depend on it to fulfill their needs.

About Lifelong Power Pro (500) Mixer Grinder

Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Strength and high durability

The Lifelong mixer grinder comes off as a sturdy and the most durable kitchen appliances for your daily kitchen use. The jars of this mixer grinder are made up of stainless steel that gives the much-needed strength for the operation. Itis also less susceptible to corrosion.

The efficient placement of vacuum feet assists in its easy operation. Not just the device is easy to clean but also maintain. The entire device comes with 3 detachable stainless-steel jars that enable versatile operations in the kitchen for a variety of purposes.

A superior level performance with remarkable ease

Lifelong power pro mixer grinder delivers mixing, grinding and juicing performance with great convenience. With its big-sized spherical chute, you spend less time in chopping and peeling. That gives you enough time to enjoy your meals with your family.

Saves space

This elementary (500 Watt) mixer grinder is designed to be compact. It saves a lot of space in the kitchen. Due to this feature, it is most suited for compact kitchens.

Easy Grip

The jars provided in Lifelong Pro mixer grinder have easy-grip handles that make it convenient for people to handle it safely without breaking it. Also, the handles of this machine are pretty much strong to hold food items in heavy quantities easily without any discomfort.

Anti-Skid Feet

The Lifelong power Pro (500 watts) mixer grinder is equipped with vacuum feet that help in ease of operation. The anti-skid feet help in preventing food ingredients from sliding. It keeps the machine in one place and prevents its displacement at the time of the operation. This results in an effective and convenient operation.

Powerful Motor

Its robust turbo motor ensures continuous high-speed grinding at 500W. With this heavy-duty motor, you can easily grind the toughest of food ingredients like whole gram (dal) to prepare delicious recipes quite easily.

Easy and Efficient Operation

One of the features that make Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder one of the safest machines is due to its motor overload protection. This function safeguards the motor of a mixer at the time of power surge that can result at the time of fluctuation.

Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder enables convenient, effortless and safer cooking with multiple functional blades to offer the most finely textured purees and chutneys.

The jars have an easy grip to fit the mixer and operate at 500W. The 500 watts mixer grinder has sharp blades to give you the finest textured blended preparations. So, if you are looking for a versatile kitchen product, then you must give this 3-jar Lifelong Pro mixer grinder a try.

Extremely Efficient

With this mixer grinder, you can easily take your cooking skills to new levels. Lifelong Power Pro (500 Watt) has been specially designed to carry out numerous functions to excel in your culinary skills and reduce your cooking speed. It is one of the most desirable mixer grinders that you must include in your kitchen essentials and experience new delights.


  1. Sturdy stainless-steel based three rust-free jars. These are meant for dry and wet grinding, chutney making and liquidizing.
  2. Spacious jars with a good capacity: 1.25 liters liquidizing jar, 0.35 liters chutney jar, and 0.8 liters multi-purpose jar,
  3. Three-speed control motor powered with a pulse option
  4. Multi-function blade system
  5. Motor overload protector
  6. Warranty of one year


  1. It is a cost-effective product that makes it appropriate for people buyers with a restricted budget.
  2. 500-watt superior performance motor comes with a motor overload protector
  3. Three-speed control function with a pulse.


This mixer grinder makes a lot of noise when operated at high speed. Due to which people find it a little discomforting.

The Price

You can get a Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder at a reasonable price of Rs. 1139 online at Amazon.

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