10 Best Mixer Grinder Under 1500 In India – 2023 Guide

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Mixer Grinders are a must in a kitchen no matter what type of cooking is been done in a household. Mixer grinders are used to prepare the batter for idli, dosa and also masalas. Your delicious chutney is also prepared with a mixer.

In older days people used to grind the necessary ingredients on a grinding stone. This was a tedious task. Now with the innovations, it is difficult making the right decision as there are aspects to look into. As this is a frequently used home appliance, the main feature of this should be the longevity of the machine and also the durability of the motor of the mixer.

Mixer grinders come in various types, their basic feature is to grind the food or the food materials. The power of the motor depends on the type of requirement from the mixer grinder. At a price range of Rs 1500 or so, In the Indian market, most of the mixers are 500 Watts to 750 Watts.

Best Mixer Grinders Under 1500 Rs.

We have put down a list of such mixer grinders below and we will go through the reviews of them and also making sure how it suits you based on your requirement.

1. Inalsa Jazz 550-Watt Mixer Grinder – White/Purple

Inalsa Jazz 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Inalsa Jazz is a simple design mixer grinder that is of 550 Watt of a powerful motor. The company states this, as simple in design and yet extraordinary in its functionality machine. The grinding function of this mixer is efficient.

To make the grinding efficient the blades of the jars are uniquely designed to give you the best grinding. With the powerful motor and uniquely designed blades of the jars, the couplers also need to be very strong to hold the motor and the jar together. Hence these couplers are made of Nylon to give good strength to hold them together.

The jars are also designed to conceal the part where the blades are joined to make sure the lubricating oil does not get into the food. This mixer grinder comes with three different kinds of jars. These are durable jars made of stainless steel.

The biggest of them is the juicer jar which also is used s the jar to grind liquid food. The middle-sized is the dry grinder jar which is usually used to powder dry food items like masala powders. The smallest one is the chutney jar which is specifically used to grind chutney.

The mixer is designed to withstand the run for 30 mins at each stretch. It’s a cycle with 5 mins run and 2 mins off.


  • 30 min motor drive rating
  • Triple speed control with pulse function
  • Unique designed blades to give the best grinding
  • 3 multi-purpose jars giving the ability to cover most of the food items to grind


  • The breaking of the knob and the blades have been complaints of a few users.
  • The package had uneven lids for the jars provided
  • Many users had various complaints within 2 months of usage

Read more about Inalsa Jazz mixer grinder here.

2. Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder – White/Grey

Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong claims the mixer to be giving out superior performance with ease. This is a powerful turbo 500-Watt Mixer grinder that has a competitive feature with its rivals in the market. This is an elementary mixer that is sleek enough to save some space in the kitchen.

This powerful motor also makes sure it grinds the tough ingredients also. This mixer comes with a combination of 3 jars with 3 different kinds of blades in them. The blades are, multi-functional and the jars are wet and dry grinding, liquidizing and chutney making jars. They also have airtight lids that make sure the ingredients do not spill out when using the mixer.

The mixer has a 3 speed for operating it. There is also a blend switch which is for the short run. The blades and the jars are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and make sure the food is healthy which is being ground in the jar.

The base of the mixer machine is provided with suction cups to make sure the machine does not skid. The big jar has an easy-grip handle which lets you hold the jar with grip. It has 3-speed control to manage the speed of the motor to make sure you grind the ingredients. It has a motor overload protector within it. The motor stops running when the motor heats up.


  • Powerful 500Watt motor
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Easy handle grips
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Motor Overload Protector


  • A bit long usage was causing the burnt smell
  • Users have complained of poor quality of the product

3. Cello Lifestyle 500Watt Mixer Grinder

cello mixer grinder

Cello is a well-known brand in the Indian market and they have various segments. They also have come into the segment of mixers and grinders.

This is an elegant looking 2 colored 500Watt mixer grinder. This mixer grinder comes with 3 stainless steel jars fixed with stainless steel blades. The 3 jars are liquidizing, dry mincing and chutney grinding jars. The mixer comes with a tough inner body. The couplers connecting the machine to the jar is made of strong nylon material making it safe. Lids provided with jars are break-resistant and also seals very tightly making sure nothing spills off.

The jar also comes with an anti-skid handle which is very useful when lifting heavy ingredients in the jar. The knob provided for controlling the speed of the machine is also designed well for ergonomically better usage. It comes with 3 speeds and a pulse speed.

The jars are also designed well to make sure it is easy to clean and no food gets stuck in any corners. Jars are also fit with impact-resistant blades making it durable and having a longer life.  The product comes with 1 + 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

Check this instructional video on how to use Cello Lifestyle Mixer Grinder:


  • 1 + 1-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Impact-resistant blades for efficient grinding
  • Powerful 500Watts of motor
  • Stainless Steel jars to avoid rusting and making it safe to use it for food purposes
  • Nylon couplers making it tough and durable
  • Anti-break lids


  • The after-sales service was not up to the mark
  • The jars quality could have been better

4. Metis 750Watt Rolex-01 Orange

metis mixer

Metis has come up with a 750Watt powerful motor for this mixer grinder which has a long life and longer usage possible. Like any other mixer, this also comes with 3 differently sized jars. 1.5L Liquidizer jar, 1L multi-purpose jar which grinds both wet and dry and the smaller one of 0.4L for chutney grinding purpose. All these jars are made of stainless steel designed for longer life.

The body of the machine is made of strong ABS material providing sturdiness when grinding heavy and strong ingredients. This motor also has 30 minutes rating with 5 mins on and 2 mins off-cycle, a maximum of 6 cycles.

The blades in the jar are uniquely designed so that the grinding experience is good and the machine grinds the ingredients as smooth as possible. The machine also has a standard 3-speed controller or the knob and one pulse control to shorter time grinding. The body is also coated with a high gloss finish paint that makes sure your machine looks as new as possible.


  • 750Watt of the powerful motor making the grinding process faster and also less power consumption
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • 3 multi-purpose jars are available making your cooking process even better
  • 30 min motor rating has been provided for this mixer.
  • Uniquely designed blades to making grinding better
  • The heat-up of the machine is lesser


  • Quality of the jars could have been made better

5. Singer Cheffy 500Watts Mixer Grinder

singer mixer

Singer is a company best known to sell the sewing machine in the Indian market. They have for some time entered into the home appliances market and they are faring well. Now, this is the Singer Cheffy mixer grinder that is powered with 500Watt of the motor.

This is a dual-colored mixer that is elegant with most of the color to be white. It is accompanied by the standard 3 jars with different purposes for each of them. The liquidizer jar is a 1500 ml capacity which also comes with an anti-slip handle which also has a good grip. The next one is the multipurpose jar which is 1000 ml capacity. The smaller one is a 450ml jar and is designed for the purpose of grinding chutney. All these are made from stainless steel for the purpose of hygienic food preparation.

The machine itself is made of a shockproof ABS body making it a sturdy one and also has a good grip when running heavy grinding. The body comes with suction cups to make sure the body does not slip when the grinding is happening. The machine also comes with an overload protector for motor safety. This is one of the ideal mixers for the modern kitchen.


  • 500 Watts powerful motor drives this mixer grinder
  • Stainless steel jars are provided for hygienic and safe food preparation
  • Handle grip for the jar to make sure you can hold it with comfort
  • Shockproof ABS body
  • 2 years manufacture warranty


  • Jars are received with defect and damage

6. Russell Hobbs Livia 550 Watts Mixer Grinder

russell hobbs

This beautiful color combination of mixer and its jars looks really attractive and can add charm to your kitchen. This is an ergonomically built mixer grinder. Now let us look at its features. This mixer grinder has a sleek design and needs little space in your kitchen.

It is powered by 550Watts of motor power making it a bit unique in its segment. As a standard addition, it comes with 3 robust stainless-steel jars whose purposes differ based on the requirement. The first jar comes with 1.2L capacity and it is a liquidizing jar. The next 0.8L jar is for multipurpose usage. It can grind both wet and dry ingredients. The smaller one is a 0.3L chutney jar.

It is made of a sturdy ABS plastic body providing a good grip during the grinding process. The motor can be controlled with the 3-speed knob to use it based on the requirement of the grinding. It also depends on what kind of ingredient or food item are you grinding in the mixer.

The blades are designed to grind tough grams and food. The knob also has a pulse mode where you can run the motor just momentarily. The body is also added with vacuum cups to hold the mixer to the surface and do not slip during usage.


  • Ergonomically designed to fit into your kitchen and has a stylish design
  • Durable 550Watts motor which has a long life
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Stainless-steel jars for safe food preparation


  • The motor assembly was not good and was shaky
  • Customers have found an issue with the quality of the mixer

7. iVBOX Nano-Power 550Watts Mixer Grinder

ivbox mixer

Ivbox is new in the Indian market and has a pretty good mixer grinder been launched. Nano-power is a 550Watt power machine. This comes in a black and red colored machine.

It comes with standard 3 jars with it, each having its own purpose. These are stainless steel jars. The liquidizer jar comes with a grip handle making it easy for the user to hold the jar. The second one is the multi-purpose jar that can be used for both dry and wet grinding. There are bushes in the bottom of the machine body that make sure the body of the machine does not slip.

Like any other motor, even this motor needs some break after long usage. Usually, it is expected that the user should run it for 5 mins and then provide it a 2 min rest to make sure the life of the machine as a whole. This machine is best known for the preparation of chutney as it is specially designed for that. The blades have been designed well to provide high-performance grinding.


  • 550Watts motor
  • Colour combination Red and Black making it attractive to look
  • Sturdy handle provided to use it better


  • Lesser known brand and very few reviews

8. Activa 500 Watt Pluto Mixer

activa mixer

This is a new launch brand Pluto introducing a single jar mixer. This mixer motor is a 500Watt machine that has been designed for a nice and fine grinding output. The motor comes with motor protectivity. The single jar in the package is a liquidizer that is made of thick and stainless-steel material.

This mixer is also provided with a 3-speed control to ensure you are grinding it right. There are anti-slip bushes been added to the bottom of the mixer. The company claims to have manufactured this product under high supervision of the best engineers.

The body of the mixer has been provided with a sturdy body that provides a good grip and is not shaky while performing the grinding operation. This usually can be used in juice shops. The body of the mixer has also been designed to be ergonomically accurate. The body is made of ABS plastic and making it shinier to preserve the looks of it. The knob also designed to fit in ergonomically.


  • 500Watts of power for the motor making it strong for heavy-duty
  • Can also be used for mincing vegetables not just grinding
  • The single jar comes with 4 different kinds of blades making the grinding process faster and efficient
  • Anti-skid feet keep the body of the mixer intact
  • 12 months warranty provided by the manufacturer


  • Only a single jar provided

9. Sunflame UNO mixer

sunflame mixer

This heavily attractive mixer grinder has been introduced by Sunflame. Sunflame is known to produce gas stoves, however, now they have come t home appliances section. The machine has a red-colored body that makes the unit look pretty. The mixer comes with a 500Wat powered motor. The body of the machine is shockproof and it also is made from ABS material for the same reason.

The machine is added with 3 jars and 4 blades, all made of stainless steel. The stainless steel ensures the durability of these jars and making sure it has along with life. The machine comes with a 3-speed controller and also an incher. Vacuum pads in the base of the mixer make sure the machine does not slip. The jars and the machine is designed well to make sure it is easy to clean. The multi-purpose jar makes sure you can grind both wet and dry ingredients. This also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • 500Watts powerful motor
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty provided.
  • Vacuum pads for stronger grip to the ground it id placed on


  • The product quality has been questioned by most of the purchasers

10. Green Home Octopus Mixer Grinder

Green Home Octopus mixer

This is a new brand with 500Watts of a motor provided in the mixer grinder. This comes in the combination of black and light purple color combination. It comes with a 3-speed control and with an incher which is a blender function. The jars are uniquely designed to have flow breakers.

The logic is it helps in fast and effective grinding. The main feature of this mixer grinder is that it comes with nickel blades that are tough and manage to grind super fine.

The jars are also uniquely colored which provides a very fresh look. Each of these jars has its own lid. It is designed to avoid the spilling of any liquid items while grinding. The lids are laced with a rubber visor that done not avoids liquid items to spill.

The company suggests that the first runs will have a burn smells coming up which should fade away with few usages.


  • Very beautifully colored black and light purple
  • 3 jars with flow break also provided to ensure better grinding of the ingredients
  • Nickel blades making sure they do not break off easily


  • Customer support has not been very well

Final Words

As mentioned early in the beginning, we have put down a list of 10 best mixer grinders that is best within the said price range. We have put down their description as much as possible and tried to add in all the requirements for them.

Although this is not an exhaustive list you can also browse through Amazon for the same brands and look for which model suits your requirement. You can also go for higher wattage mixers but they might turn up expensive.

In a gist, most of these listed mixers are similar with only minor differences. Only the warranty and customer support are what matters the most.

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