Philips HL 7720 (750 Watt) Mixer Grinder – 2023 Review, Price & Specifications

Philips is the world’s leader in the area of electrical appliances. This company has developed a vast range of technological products for Indian consumers. It is also expanding and setting up its business in several other areas of the world.

Among the various renowned electrical appliances, Philips presents world-class models of juicers and mixers to suit the budget and work requirements of different categories of consumers.

Along with this, another most important reason why people gravitate towards this brand is that it provides the most durable products at an exceptionally reasonable price range.

Product description

Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

The Philips HL 7720 model mixer grinder displays brilliant performance. It is monitored by a precisely designed motor, that gives an amazing performance for an extensive range of food constituents.

The state-of-the-art design of the Philips mixer grinder prevents damage to the motor because of its prolonged use. This is a universal and flexible mixer grinder that assists you to quickly set up your favorite dishes in the most remarkable way.

The Philips HL 7720 model mixer grinder is sturdy and delivers an impeccable value to its user.

This model is powered by a high-speed motor that is suitable for all types of food ingredients. This versatile all-purpose mixer grinder machine helps in quickly preparing all your favorite dishes in just a matter of a few minutes. In this way, it is a great time and energy saver.

This model comes in three different containers that perform different functions such as blended grinding, wet grinding, and dry grinding. Its robust and sharp stainless-steel edges to ensure a quick, effortless and smooth grinding experience to the user.

Also, it is very easy to dismantle the entire set up for cleaning or storage purpose. Philips mixer grinder has a convenient to use three-speed control. It aids in the effective utilization of the grinder as per your necessities.

It’s auto cut-off feature assures that the machine will keep working for a longer time. Offering superior level functionalities at an enticing cost, this mixer grinder is ideal for any kitchen.

General Specifications

  1. Philips 7720 750 Watt Mixer Grinder model comes with three separate detachable multicolored jars
  2. This mixer grinder model is really powerful, reliable and superior that serves users efficiently.
  3. It comes with a robust motor that works on 750 Watt. This motor has got a speed regulator and it is overloading protected.
  4. This mixer grinder is available in 3 versatile jars that are fitted with sharp blades that ease the operation of mixed grinding, wet grinding, and dry grinding.
  5. To be able to handle the overheating problems that can arise during the operation of the machine, this grinder provides an advanced level of a ventilation system
  6. The open coupler feature ensures that your jar lasts for a longer time than usual. It allows you to isolate the coupler while washing it.
  7. This mixer grinder model by Philips is available in two colors: Pistil Red and Bright white
  8. Click lock functionality assists in firmly locking the jar. In this way, it ensures the long life of the coupler unit.
  9. Exposed coupler feature makes it convenient to keep the mixer grinder unit tidy and clean
  10. Advanced ventilation system helps to keep the entire body of mixer grinder cool
  11. This model comes with a warranty of around two years
  12. Auto cut off protection ensures the best level of safety of the life of the motor

Technical specifications

  1. Cord length is 1.2 m
  2. Voltage applied is 230 V
  3. Auto cut off
  4. Capacity of chutney Jar is 0.4 L
  5. Capacity of multipurpose Jar is 1 L
  6. Speed setting: 4
  7. Capacity of Wet Jar is 1.5 L

Product Features

Three Discrete Jars

Philips HL 7720 model 750 Watt Mixer Grinder has got three strong, and distinct jars. Each of them serves different objectives. The 0.4L jar is meant for grinding the chutney. Its 1.5-liter grinding jar is for grinding wet ingredients and a 1L jar gives you a dry grinding function. So, with these three jars, you can get any form of texture that you wish.

Auto Cut Off

This feature helps in enhancing motor life. With it, the motor shuts off automatically in cases of overloading, imbalanced voltage, excess heating, etc.

3 Lock Speed Regulator

This function is located in front of the machine that assists in setting the required speed. The ideal method to grind a food item is to slowly increase the speed. This prevents overloading in the system. So, that you can grind your food at any speed depending on your requirement.

Robust 750 Watts Motor

The high-speed 775 watts motor is designed to be highly powerful. This tough motor suitably delivers its power-packed performance and offers you smooth and speedy grinding.

Rust Free Design

This mixer grinder model is designed in a way that it acquires less space. It has got a stainless-steel body that comes with a sturdy frame. As the stainless-steel model used in this Philips model is free of rust that allows the machine to last for a longer time.

Easy Grip Handle

The skillfully designed handle of the jar makes it a lot convenient to hold in hands. It facilitates easy assembly as well as disassembly of the jars. You can very comfortably pour the entire liquid from the jar using this gripping handle.

Safe and stable operations

Philips HL 7720 (750 watts) model has an inbuilt advanced level ventilation system that keeps the entire body of the mixer cool. It comes with auto cut off safety mechanism that assures the best safety to the motor

Product details

  1. Item Weight is 5.22 Kg
  2. Item model number is HL7720
  3. ASIN is B00HQZG41Q

Pros and Cons of Philips 7720 mixer grinder


  1. Hardened stainless steel blades
  2. 3-speed control
  3. Overload protection


There is only one disadvantage of this mixer grinder that we have found after comparing other similar models by different brands. The power offered by this motor is not that influential and up to the mark. If you don’t need high power usage, then this would be the best mixer grinder motor for your needs.

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